Competition project of a shopping center together with a Grand Hotel Lviv and a conference hall on Doroshenko, str. 2, in Lviv. The object of the design is a multifunctional building in the historical building of Lviv. The building combines main functions: trade (retail), restaurant, hotel, space for events with conference halls and co-working space.

Particular attention was paid to the analysis of the rhythm of the facades and, in particular, of the windows of neighboring buildings on the. Doroshenka, street, because it is important to adhere to the module and scale of the existing building. There are decorative elements on the facades in the form of rails made of HPL. On the courtyard facades, these rails perform the functions of both protection from excessive sunlight and the function of a visual barrier between the windows of the hotel rooms facing the courtyard and the windows of the neighboring 5-story building. Rails are provided with a variable angle of rotation relative to the plane of the facade: from perpendicular - in places where the sun's rays hit at an angle to the facade and there is no direct visual contact with the neighboring house, to a turn of 50 ° - in places where the windows of the opposite house are too close, and sunny rays fall at right angles to the facade.

Setback of the building line of the first floor deep into the site by 1 m from the red line of the street. Doroshenka is designed to provide the necessary public space in front of the entrances to the shopping center, to arrange a public transport stop, bicycle parking, and pedestrian transit along the street. Part of the space on the first floor is proposed to be used as a summer terrace of the restaurant.

On the part of the roof, which is far from the street, it is proposed to arrange an exploited terrace, organizing there a recreational space with landscaping. The compositional core of the terrace is the translucent lantern of the atrium, along which there are stairs for access to the terrace from the 6th floor. The planning structure of the terrace is subordinated to the broken shape of the roof of the building.

Grand Hotel Lviv

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Concrete Housing

type: hotel, retail

years: 2020

status: concept

area: 5,500 square meters m

location: St. Doroshenko, 2, Lviv

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