Revitalization of the "Electroprylad" plant

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The revitalization project of the former "Electroprylad" plant is designed to breathe new life into the territory of the industrial zone. Due to its location object has enormous potential.

Some of the plant's workshops are being transformed into modern office centers with a full range of related services.

Other workshops are arranged in apartments with variety of services. In this way, the territory is transformed into a main point of attraction of the entire district.

The territory of the complex is closed to vehicles. For this reason, we have created a multi-story parking with a convenient transition. Another pedestrian access to the territory is opened from Hlybochytska Street and "Lukyanivska" metro station.

The largest of the former workshops of the plant is being transformed into a multifunctional building with concert hall for 2,000 people inside. For safe reasons, we arranged stairs along the facades. Also stair create dynamic visualization for these facades. The white sizable superstructure is a sport complex with open sport fields on the roof.

type: office, retail, housing

years: 2020

status: concept

area: 46,400 square meters m

location: str. 17 Hlybochytska St., Kyiv